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Why AMB Group is the Best Choice for Investment in Malls?


Why AMB Group is the Best Choice for Investment in Malls?

Everyone has a desire to have good malls in their cities for leisure, entertainment, retail, and shopping. Today, people know the importance of living a life that is worth enjoying and offers them comfort and ease. Cities, metropolitans, and states need good malls to offer citizens a better way of living. This gives birth to the need for equipped malls in the cities. It is seen that most of the cities have poor malls that made investors shift to high-end shops.

By seeing the growing popularity of malls, the mall owners must take some important factors required for the success of malls. Let us go through them and see what it takes to have a good and equipped mall in a city:

i. Location: The first and foremost parameter is the location of the mall. People like to visit such malls that are located at the centre of the city or are accessible. Mainly, the catchment must be reliable. Besides, it is crucial to know the spending power of the people and identifying the apt location for building a mall. People love to visit malls that are accessible and able to fulfil their desires.

ii. Understanding customer behaviour: For mall owners, it is essential to study customer behaviour before designing a mall. People love to visit those malls that are equipped with the best shops and cafes. Besides this, mostly, people come for window shopping, so for them, there must be great food courts, gaming zone, and movie theatres.

iii. Design: The next important parameter is the design of the malls. The popularity of malls largely depends on the design. Customers usually look for quality brands and food courts but with that, they also look for the most attractive mall built in their city. People also love the ambiance of the malls and the architecture. Today, many malls provide luxury to people that gives a feel of a hotel.

Therefore, the malls must be designed beautifully and also have great lighting arrangements to attract the people residing in the city. A well-designed and developed mall is the first choice of the customers. On the other hand, the malls must be well-integrated with numerous types and sizes of stores as per the needs of the customers.

iv. The X factor: Why should the customers visit a mall that has the same facilities as other malls. There must be an X factor that should attract the customers. There must be a theme, facilities, and special amenities that can bring back customers again and again.

v. Proper Research: Only visiting other malls is not necessary. It is also essential to know the technical aspects of planning footfalls, tenant mix, and other industry practices. For this, reading relevant books and online material is crucial.

vi. Entertainment: This is the most important parameter that the mall owners must keep in mind. Besides providing them with the best of services, it is the responsibility of the mall owners to make entertainment their key element. Areas for celebration during festivals, good movie theatres, food courts are some of the attractions.

vii. Parking: Well, this is the most important aspect to consider while planning to build a mall in the city. Enough parking space is essential to plan before designing a complete mall. Shopping centres earn the maximum turnover from parking. This is the reason why the parking area has a bearing on types of stores and sales. It is seen that a lack of proper parking in the malls on weekends and festivals have a negative effect on people. Ample parking space also ensures safety and also curtails traffic.

viii. Mall marketing or promotions: Marketing or mall promotions are important these days. If malls are not marketed effectively, people never get attracted. Different themes during festivals, display of cricket or football matches, fashion shows, or dance troupes can be effective ways to attract people around.

So, the right blend of all these parameters can help building malls with ease. A good relationship between the management, tenants, customers can be helpful in instilling security for a mall’s success. Sooner or later, the retail business will also move to malls as people love to visit them to feel relaxed and refreshed.


We, at AMB Group, make it possible for people to invest in better malls with all the required pre-requisites. Our ongoing projects namely Selfie Square at Sector 37D, Gurugram & Selfie Street at Sector 92, Gurugram are both commercial investments and are the right choices to invest into. These AMB projects are envisioned after a thorough research & have all the requisites like Excellent Location, Dense Catchment, Contemporary Designs, Excellent Product Mix , Excellent Connectivity etc . These two projects are unique and offer great leisure, entertainment, and retail. These are also the perfect destination for people who are looking for shops for investment.

Investing is a big decision to take and for that trusting us would be a great move. We believe in our people’s goals and their fulfilment is what we work for. In simple language, what matters to them, matters to us.

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