Tue, Apr, 2017

Selfie Street – The Next Door Spanish bazaar.


Gurgaon is also known as the city of malls, with over a dozen of them already dotting the skyline. Glitzy, glamorous and hosting the best of retail and entertainment – yet somehow it seems that when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. They are impersonal, showy, expensive and exuding no sense of warmth or vibrancy.

If one is familiar with some European shopping destinations such as La Roca Village in Barcelona or Las Rozas Village in Madrid, you’d know that what sets them apart are their architectural style, which is mix of Spanish and international building traditions with charming plazas and elegant pedestrian boulevards, housing fashionable cafes, gourmet restaurants, and high-end shops. They offer a relaxed shopping experience that is both high end and cosmopolitan yet at the same time friendly and comfortable.

Transport that into an Indian context, set into one of the most global cities in India and what you’d have is a Spanish-styled, international shopping destination with a flavor of an Indian bazaar. The upcoming Selfie Street in Sector 92, Gurgaon is a charming, avant-garde shopping and entertainment arcade that blends high-street retail with large format stores, a 6-screen  multiplex, a mega-spacious food court and a fun-filled family entertainment zone. Selfie Street is not just a shopping destination, but a social hang-out junction, as its very name implies, for the mega townships in and around the 10000 residences of one of the best planned residential and commercial areas of NCR – New Gurgaon.

The areas of New Gurgaon are the fastest growing and most sought after residential and commercial destinations in NCR. With its proximity to the 135 m multi-utility corridor that links it to the airport and IGI Delhi, the upcoming Diplomatic Enclave and being the crucial cog in the development Master plan for Gurgaon, this is the most happening destinations in not just NCR but also in the country in terms of development and investment potential.

In a city that follows a frenetic pace of life, such a hub is therapeutic for its citizens who have experienced such hang-out destinations globally. It would be reminiscent of what they miss abroad.