Sat, Jun, 2017

PVR – It’s Where All The Action Is

Movies, Bollywood stars, movie songs and dance are so intrinsically woven into the Indian psyche that often one does not know where real life stops and reel life takes over. Movie watching is the singular biggest entertainment for Indians; research shows that an average of 3.6 billion tickets is sold each year across the country to watch the 1000 plus movies made in about 25 plus languages.

The experience of movie watching has been completely transformed since the 90s, with the advent of PVR cinemas, which until then had been at single screen, shabby theatres with bad sound quality. Each PVR movie theatre arrays an average of 6 to 10 screens, each with plush, reclining seats and a choice of food and beverages that can get served to you to your seat. PVR literally introduced India to the concept of multiplexes – which is having 3 or more screening halls within a theatre. From the very first PVR theatre that opened in 1997, PVR today offers movie goers an experience that is parallel to any global movie theatre, with a range of offering such as the Gold Class, Mainstream Cinemas and the Director’s Cut to the latest format, the PVR Icon, each providing a distinctly different experience to the viewer. They have introduced the best of Hollywood technologies such as the IMAX, ECX (Enhanced Cinema Experience) and 4 DX to the Indian audiences.\

PVR theatres are usually located within a mall or a commercial or shopping complex, providing audiences a choice of experiences – all under one roof. In large cities or metros, that is high in traffic and low in parking spaces, being able to enjoy entertainment, shopping and dining at a one-stop destination is a boon. Which is why, malls or commercial complexes with multiplexes such as PVR are a huge draw. It’s a win-win situation for all – with PVR pulling the crowd in, the best of retail also get the footfalls – it’s inevitable that the people, who go in to watch movies, would stop by the shopping areas. And no movie and shopping is complete without the accompanied pit stop at the food courts and restaurants.

In a city such as Gurgaon, where the people are always trying to balance work and life, PVR entertains in over half a dozen locations, with more in the plans. One such PVR is in the new and upcoming sectors in New Gurgaon, and will be located in one of the biggest and most exciting retail and commercial complexes coming up there.

New Gurgaon is soon to become the most sought after residential and commercial destinations in the NCR region; surely there can be no dearth for entertainment here.

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