Wed, Nov, 2022

Growing Investment Interest in Commercial Retail Shops in Gurgaon


Good News! Commercial Investment in Gurgaon is on the Rise! The Commercial / Retail Property Investment, which includes space in malls, Shops in High streets shops is showing good traction from Investors. Off Late Investors are getting good returns on their Investments

The growth trend is more noticeable in Gurugram, where the commercial real estate market is seeing increased investment from prestigious investors, and industry giants. Commercial property investment in Gurugram has always been one of the most effective ways to diversify a portfolio and boost returns.

The retail sector has rebounded post-pandemic and has marked the largest acquisition of an operational retail asset in India in the last few years. The newly-developed sectors in Gurugram are witnessing significant growth in retail real estate. Various commercial activities are booming in the major sectors in New Gurugram and retail brands are eyeing their establishment in the region. Considering the thrust in the housing and office space demands in the new micro-markets of Gurugram, the growth prospects of the retail segment are very promising.

People are investing in retail and commercial properties/spaces in Gurgaon due to increased shopping behavior in hypermarkets and malls. Shopping malls and main street markets are where people spend their evenings and free time. It’s the place. In his decade, the lifestyle of metropolitan people has changed a lot. Especially when we talk about Gurgaon, we observe people wearing and eating big brands.All your luxury wishes come true at Retail Shop Market & Mall.

Gurgaon commercial properties generate higher returns. Another benefit of investing in retail/commercial real estate is that developers are offering smaller units so buyers on a budget can invest in the right market (300 square feet or so). Today even, professionals such as doctors and lawyers are also investing in investment and self-use in business. 

These days there are a plethora of opportunities available for investing in Commercial Real Estate These days even retail Investors can participate in commercial investment by owning a virtual space & real higher returns, The same opportunities were earlier not available for small investors. 

Before Investing in a new commercial project, there are several variables that one need to be taken into account & analyze, few of the same are shared below : 

  • Location of Projects
  • Existing Market Price Comparable to Vicinity Commercial price
  • Reputation of Developers 
  • After possession Lease Guaranteed /Services by Developers.

 Investors in Commercial Real Estate can get the following benefits:

  1. Assured Return
  2. Lease Guarantee
  3. Higher Returns
  4. Self-use Lockable Shops

With the kind of sales that is picking up in residential apartments in New Gurgaon & Dwarka Expressway, there is a great scope of capital appreciation in commercial real estate in those micro markets.